L10N folder for localization, not work default language

I tried to use L10N for images:

  1. create L10N and hierarchy in it of images by default
  2. put in this folder images (via editor)
  3. try to switch cultures (de-DE culture by default, en-US new culture) - images appears only new from folder L10N (en-US),
    but in the debug “get current culture” - normally switching.

please help

I used a clean project and all working fine.

I used a clean project and all working fine, Thank you, Jamie!

can you give some advice how to use 4.17 node “set current culture” in 4.15 - may be execute console?

Are you switching culture while the game is running but finding that only assets loaded after that point are changing? If so, that’s expected as we currently have no content hot-reload support at runtime.

If that’s not the case then can you give me an example of a source and localised asset path?

This is what the SetCurrentCulture node in 4.17 does:

bool UKismetInternationalizationLibrary::SetCurrentCulture(const FString& Culture, const bool SaveToConfig)
	if (FInternationalization::Get().SetCurrentCulture(Culture))
		if (!GIsEditor && SaveToConfig)
			GConfig->SetString(TEXT("Internationalization"), TEXT("Culture"), *Culture, GGameUserSettingsIni);
			GConfig->EmptySection(TEXT("Internationalization.AssetGroupCultures"), GGameUserSettingsIni);
			GConfig->Flush(false, GGameUserSettingsIni);
		return true;

	return false;

You could create your own BP exposed UFunction to do the same thing.

Thank you, very much!