L’viv St. Nickolas Day Fair

L’viv St. Nickolas Day Fair

Annual St. Nickolas Day event that take place in L’viv. A place where people, can buy handcrafted items. The alley in front of L’viv Opera House is occupied with these beautiful houses. These assets will take part in the upcoming Saint Nickolas short film.

Technical notes:
Lighting - Multi-bounce raytracing, Brute force mode, Disabled denoiser. Rendered in Unreal 4.26

Modeling – Oleg Chapran, Taras Yaremenko, Andriy Chivilikhin
Internal Assets – Oleg Valyavka
Texturing - Oleg Olshanskyi
Lighting – Alex Hapon


In engine screengrab

Nanite Version

Detailed look

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