L’viv Opera House asset rendered in Unreal Engine

L’viv Opera House

Opera house asset is part of the Saint Nickolas short film.
One of the most iconic buildings in L’viv was recreated in 3D and will be a part of upcoming Saint Nicholas short film.
Actual building is located here: Google Maps

Technical notes:
Lighting - Multi-bounce raytracing, Brute force mode, Disabled denoiser. Rendered in Unreal 4.26

Directed and supervised - Vsevolod Kamenetsky
Texturing and Lighting – Oleg Olshanskyi
Assembly - Volodymyr Baran
Modeling/Sculpting - Maria Shkremetko, Oksana Maksymovych, Ivan Savenets, Taras Yaremko, Volodymyr Baran


In engine screengrab
In engine screengrab

Nanite Version
Nanite Version

Detailed look

Detailed look
Detailed Look 2
Detailed Look 3
Detailed look 4
Detailed Look 5
Detailed Look 6
Detailed Look 7
Detailed Look 8
Detailed Look 9
Detailed Look 10
Detailed Look 11
Detailed Look 12
Detailed Look 13
Detailed Look 14

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Updated the post, directly uploaded visuals.