L’viv Opera House – Architecture - Rendered in UE4

L’viv Opera House architecture pieces close-up.
These assets will be a part of upcoming Saint Nicholas short film.
Actual building is located here: Google Maps

Technical notes:
Lighting - Multi-bounce raytracing, Brute force mode, Disabled denoiser. Rendered in Unreal 4.26

Modeling/Sculpting - Volodymyr Baran, Maria Shkremetko, Oksana Maksymovych, Taras Yaremko
Texturing - Oleg Olshanskyi
Lighting – Alex Hapon/ Oleg Olshanskyi


In engine screengrab

In engine screengrab - Nanite test in UE5

Closer look

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Lurking through a few of your post and I’m so thoroughly impressed by your attention to detail and brilliantly well crafted buildings/statues. The inlaid leaf’s and animal designs are outstanding and so immensely charming.

I can’t wait to see more! :smiley: