L-Systems and Tree generation

Recently i’ve been playing around with some L-Systems and some tree generation techniques. And decided to do a sort of tutorial series on what i’ve learned so far. It’s mostly on a basic level, but i thought it was interresting to share. Videos will be uploaded the next coming week as i progress. For an example preview of what im doing. See this short video:

Lots of the techniques i use here, was inspired by Ryan Brucks from a Epic Stream where he showed how he made a blueprint for some procedual vines. So big thanks to him!

Link for the playlist:

Love your tutorial series!! (all 10 million of them!)

Very nice.

How do the final trees perform with lighting? (baked or otherwise)

I guess it mostly depends on the meshes you use. Im currently preparing the videos where im checking polycount, and i definetely ran into some issues with that, and had to cut down on number of tris. I did however eventually end up with something looking pretty decent with 12k tris for a full tree + leaves. But then again, cutting down on ie. the number of leaves, will again drastically lower it.

If i were to use this in a real game, i would definetely need to do a lot more work on it.