L.O.N.G. load times for level in editor (stuck at 100%)

Has anyone encountered extremely long load times for a level when first launching or after making changes?

I see
Loading Level Name 100%
Loading Map: Initializing world

But after 15 minutes nothing!
Checking the Saved Logs file I don’t see any obvious errors.

I’ve had that with some megascan levels. My computer just can’t handle them.

If it’s YOUR level, that could be a problem. You may be trying to do too much for your system, so then need a bigger system to run it. Or you might want to reduce the asset levels to make it easier to load.

Also try removing all other programs in your system memory to free up space for the level.

You may be able to replace a complex asset in the folder with a less complex version of that asset, and get it to load that way. Just clone the project before you start messing with it so if you you screw up the clone, you won’t kill the original.

Even some of the samples take ages to load on my system. Those bloody shaders being in the thousands. Might be funny to many people reading that since thousands is probably nothing for the major system users. LOL. But I like working on a low end computer. If mine can rung the game and look great, then other people can run it and be blown away by the performance. Room for other people to make it look way better too.

Thanks. Next time I experience this will also try deleting my Config folder as someone mentioned some setting for alpha, I forget exactly which that is sometimes the cause.