Kya Dark Lineage (Remake)


Hello everyone ! My name is Alexandre MEAUX and I am a French 3D artist / Motion Graphics Designer. I’m totally new to Unreal Engine and I’m learning Blueprints.

Today I want to introduce you the first Action/Adventure engine I want to create. My goal is to remake the basic gameplay (with upgraded features) of an old video game called :

Kya Dark Lineage.

I’ve already created my “Game Ready” 3D model of the main character (which is called Kya) using 3DsMax, ZBrush and Substance Painter.

Following some courses and tuts I was able to developed my first character movement with custom Jump and Sprint out of Blueprints.

As I will improve the gameplay system I know I’ll had to change or rebuilding some of my previous work. But hey ! That’s part of learning :wink:

I will probably ask for help in this forum for some technical blueprints methods. Can’t wait to see how the community is supporting each others.

Here are some screenshots of my work for the game.

Thanks for your time and for considering my work. Can’t wait to improve my UE Skills :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.


i hope that this gonna be real

I was talking to a friend about this game, decided to google Kya Dark Lineage Remake and found this. Idk whats the update on the project, but it was one of my favorite childhood games. Such a hidden gem of a game!

Cant wait to see more any updates this was an awesome game i agree true hidden gem should share with as many. Fans as possible to help make this happen.