Kultist - Top-down Action

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Im a solo developer and Im looking for some feedback for my game, I hope you tell me what you think (and most important I accept any critics)!
About the game, you are Cleric warrior against a blood Kultist who raised an evil entity which altered the Kultist`s castle in a sort of extra dimensional place.Your mission is obviously to
defeat both.
Heavily inspired by classic games like the Chaos Engine and Heretic, the game is completely randomic from map creation to Items and enemies, with hordes of enemies.
In each map the main goal is to reach the exit, but each map will present
you a series of things to do before you can access it(basic stuff like pull the lever or find the key…up to three different keys).
Now, images and videos speaks better than me so I uploaded a private video and some screenshots for you, what do you think?
Do you think this could be interesting or completely trash?
Any suggestion/critic help is really appreciate (project is stil a work in progress)

Video Link: prev - YouTube

thank you

Did you use some sound effects from doom?

Hi, sounds are only for testing, they come from Heretic(most of them) these are not the final sounds…

Yes, despite sound asset is not the right one I think this is a very good project!

This makes me happy, there is still a lot of works to do but is growing well(in my opinion)…Yes obviously I will not use these sounds, I will change them when the project is complete

I’m following the updates, :slight_smile: