Kubold animations with ALSv4: Is it possible?

I’ve spent the last few weeks learning how the Advanced Locomotion System v4 (ALSv4) works, and I finally decided to purchase some animations to build my own project on top of the ALSv4 base. After searching the Marketplace for good animations, I concluded that animations by Kubold looked the smoothest, so I purchased the Longsword Animset Pro yesterday. But I quickly realized that the animations in that set are based on a T-pose Epic skeleton, whereas the entirety of ALSv4 is based on an A-pose Epic skeleton (with extra virtual bones).

My question: Is there any way to get the animations from the Longsword Animset Pro to work with ALSv4 while maintaining the ik bones’ proper connections?

I’m aware that I can manually change the pose in the editor and then attempt retargeting, but that method always (in my limited experience) leaves the ik bones unattached from the hand, which is undesirable. I’m ignorant regarding actual animating software, but I’m willing to learn, so long as learning will help me resolve this issue.

Well the Epic rig is the Epic rig so you would not need to retarget the animations. You really only need to retarget if going from one naming convection to another so all you would need to do is change the animation skeletal target.

What works is if you add both to the same project and in this case delete the Kubold version of the Epic rig. UE4 will then scan for all references to the Kubold skeleton and given the opportunity to target the ALS version. Of course you can do it the other way but this way catches everything in one go with out having to duplicate the animations.

Hmm. I didn’t think of something so simple. Thanks, FrankieV! I’ll try that.