Kscore's Unreal Stuff

Hey, this time I tried some Architectural Vizualization for first time. In this thread I will post time by time new Stuff and Tests. I hope this is allowed when I use my own thread with all my Stuff :smiley:

THREAD | Yoshi’s Castle 3D | DOWNLOAD

Camera are nice, just be carefull with anti-aliasing (it is very visible here). If you want to make stuff like archviz you have to make more contrast (in my opinion) between inside and outside. And the chair with emissive light must be more powerfull I thing. And if you want to make stuff like Koola (I think this is your inspiration here) check his video you will learn a lot !

Here is a quick exemple of how i would do it. Hope that will help you !


Thanks for that example GuillaumeD! I think I have to study koolas works a lot more, you are right he has more contras in his works. My Antialising Setting is on “production” like on the other Settings :S

You can change the antialiasing method in edit-project settings-rendering. Test it and you will find the best for this kind of projects

Where is this scene from?