Krzysztof Teper's Witcher Environment is Available for Download

(Please note I am in no way responsible for the creation of this, all credit goes to the insanely talented Krzysztof).

I’m not sure if this has been posted already and how many people are aware of it, but the guy has put his Witcher-inspired environment up for download. It is beautiful. Be sure to check out this guys other work, I’m foaming at the mouth, time to learn a few things!

Holy moly! that looks incredible!!!

Half way downloaded already, this should be fun to tinker with!! Thanks for the link James! :smiley:

Amazing detail work, quite a lot to learn about art workflow here. I liked how he used fiber mesh for example to make the foliage textures.

Thanks for this info ! This is amazing stuff !

Do you know what license this is under? I can’t find it on the website :confused:

In the readme.txt

Creative Commons Attribution + Noncommercial (CC BY-NC)

Any content within this project must not be used for commercial purposes. Personal and educational use allowed.

When you have no friends: WTF
EDIT: I clearly think this guy has alot of friends and a great live <3

Looks cool, Ill check it out in the engine later.

Kia ora

Blow it gone, can’t get it any more

link changed :confused:

Noob question here: how does he sharpen up the imported terrain to get the mountains all edgy like that? Is it just the erosion tool or is there a simpler process to that?

can someone reupload? gumroad link is dead

link changed to:

oh noes it was up a few days ago now its gone :frowning:

Link working thanks, but… how do we actually download it?

Click the link near bottom of the page, It takes you to the home page of another site. Click on the pack for $0, Type in $0, Click i want this. Enter email address and click pay, Then click download.

OK, so now it’s available here.

Here’s a closer link.

Can someone post a link again? I can’t get it to work from any of those :confused: Thanks!

Ok so for everyone still looking for this i ound the link at the bottom of:

if you don’t want to scroll through that here: