Koola's Lightroom: Interior Day Light - Lightmap issues

Hey, for the last few days I’ve been trying to understand Lightmass a little better,
I downloaded Koola’s Lightroom: Interior Day Light to study it and the lightmaps it ships with look great.
When i try to build my own lightmaps however i get very strange artifacts especially in the corners.

I haven’t modified the BaseLightmass.ini and i’m using the original project settings (Num Indirect Lighting Bounces = 100)
Lighting Quality is set to “Production” and Engine Scalability is set to “Epic”

how do i (how did Koola) get rid of these artifacts?
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


He likely tweaked the BaseLightmass.ini settings, but you can most likely remove these problems by just increasing the lightmap resolution of the meshes- I believe the lightmap resolution is quite low for most of the meshes in that scene!

@eoin thanks brother

Or… you can add walls outside the buoilding to cover the real walls: in this way there will be no light bleeding artifacts, because the entire inner walls will be in shadow. It is not so elegant, but it works :slight_smile: