Kongregate API


Does someone managed to operate the Kongregate API with its HTML5 project? I do not know how to pass information between Javascript and UE, if this is possible…

Other noob question :

If I remove the fullscreen button <div><button… id=“fullscreen_request” ></button></div>] in .html, my game does not start : >> TypeError: eventHandler.target is null

Thanks for help

If you remove the button, and some event handler gets no target, then it’s likely the JavaScript is looking for that button to tie an event to it. You can perhaps hide the button instead, or you can update the JavaScript to remove references to the button.

The quickest way to hide a thing in HTML is with the attribute style=“display:none;” That’s pretty ghetto, though :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! It’s better now. Do you have an idea for Kongregate API?