Known issue with service login - "Could not establish a web session"

Hello all,

We are aware of the issues affecting users which prevents logging into Epic Games’ account services (“Could not establish a web session”). We are currently working to resolve the issue and will update this thread when it is resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

Everything is working for me now! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Well… Kind of. The font is weird… But I can log out now!

We believe we have resolved the login issues. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues.


Yep I can login allright, but I can’t install the engine I just click the install button once I add 4.10 and it doesn’t do anything.

EDIT: Works after restart.

I still have the web session problem

Hi masaatchi,

Please send an email to with the specifics of the issue you are facing, and we will investigate and offer assistance.