Knowledge Base: UE5 Breaking and Noteworthy Changes

Jun 3, 2021.Knowledge
Article written by Branden T.
With UE5 on its way, we’ve gathered up a list of important changes to the engine that users should know about. Our goal is for the upgrade process to UE5 to be as pai…

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@Rudy.Triplett It’s an awesome list!

I need to report 2 issues with that

  1. It seems to duplicated docs version, none version having all information?
    Unreal Engine 5 Noteworthy Changes | Unreal Engine Documentation

  2. This guide links to UDN a few times, while UDN isn’t publically available…

Do you know at this time if there will be support for texture-driven landscape displacement? Or is landscape displacement going to be more tedious in UE5 than it was in UE4 (I know there was talk of VHFM as a replacement here, but for example this more recent thread here had discussed material graph evaluation of WPO for example)

@RudyTriplett where can I find UnrealObjectPtrTool?
I’m using Unreal Engine 5.0.2 Lancher Version and I can’t find it.

So I can run:

UnrealObjectPtrTool.exe <UHT_LOG_PATH> -SCCCommand="p4 edit -c UPGRADE_CL {filenames}"

I’m following:

Thank you!