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Jun 25, 2021.Knowledge
Article written by Anna L.

MIDI Device Support
This Unreal plugin adds the ability to send and receive MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) protocol messages. This is most frequently used…

Hi, I have a project in Unreal using 2 MIDI controllers to control various things. I would love to be able to get my devices to give me feedback based on input actions, things like buttons lighting up when they are pressed and turning off when pressed again. I am using UE5 and my devices are APCMini Mk2 and MIDIMix.

I am using MIDI input for sending data from the device to the engine so I thought using the midi output might be a way to do this. I created the output device following the documentation and what is written above, then sending midi note on events but I’m not sure this is the right way to make the buttons light up.

Any help on this would be really appreciated

I know the instructions above were designed for UE4. The UE5 instructions here shed a little more light on how it plays together. I know the MIDI Events are a little tricky, just because I believe the int signal sent back correlates to which key is selected.
The only problem I can see arising is the separate banks / limited keys, as midi controllers usually contain anywhere from 25 - 88+ keys, but the numbers should be correlated to the correct octave.
That being said, do you have a current implementation that you could share? With beta features like this, it can be hard to determine what will happen without trying.
I hope this can help a bit, and let me know if it does!

Is there a tutorial anywhere for using the input package with C++? I keep having issues with declaring and instantiating the objects from C++, and cannot find any examples of setting it up.

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