Know what actor inside of a blueprint overlaps

Hi guys, I have a menú with 4 buttons inside of BP_motionController. This menu is a child blueprint of the right hand. I created a sphere colision to do an overlap over this menu (in the other hand, like a finger). The thing is I need to create different events for every button, but i don’t know how to declare every button. Something like "If Sphere overlaps button 01 do this, if sphere overlaps button 02 do that.

When I do the overlap it take the whole blueprint “Menu” and i need the overlap count just a button inside of this blueprint. I tried with “Get all actors from a class” and asign it to a variable (let’s say the 0 in the array). But when i print it still showing “Menu overlaps” instead of “Button 01” for example.

The thing that i need is a way to create a reference of every button inside the menu blueprint.

Any clue?

Thank you!!

Please show screenshots of blueprints

Hi, I solved it. Was a problem of logic. I was trying to add an overlap event over the sphere (the finger) and not over the buttons. So everytime that the sphere collided with a button, execute the sphere event. The right logic was define the overlap event on every button and not in the sphere. So i created an overlap event in every button and it worked.

Here is the simple blueprint

Thank you!