Knobby's MatCaps - coming soon!

Hey everyone!

UPDATE! Its now available for purchase! Link here:

Been spending the last few months working on something really cool that I am now ready to show everyone! Introducing…


Introducing Knobby’s MatCaps!

What are Matcaps you ask? MatCaps, or “material captures”, are complete materials - including lighting and reflections - that can be added to objects and have a good looking result without having to bother with lights or reflections!

They are great for working with fixed camera angle projects, like side scroller projects, or topdown projects, but also usable in any 3D projects! Simple to apply and use with any models! Easily works with normal maps! Keep memory cost down while still looking fabulous (especially useful for mobile games :D)!

Included in this pack are a total of 492 Matcaps! Each material has various lighting scenarios so you can always find a lighting look to fit your scene!

  • 265 are realistic materials: Marble, Metals, Sand, Lava, Ice, etc.
  • 192 are speckled paint (like you would see on fancy cars).
  • 19 are Highlight matcaps, designed to be added on top of a regular material to add some forced shiny highlights to it. (looks pretty good depending on how you use it).
  • 16 are for Masking together different MatCaps, so you can mask together multiple MatCaps based on the viewing angle.

Also included is an option to have the MatCap display in world space, rather than based on the camera angle. This feature, however, is mostly experimental, as I WAS able to get it working, but I never figured out a reliable way to control the MatCap’s orientation in world space. If you want to have a try at it, its there. If you don’t want to bother, just ignore it. :smiley:

Find you need a specific MatCap that isn’t included in the pack? I’ve got you covered!

Included will be a short video going over how to use the project, how to create your own MatCap textures in various programs to use with the project, as well as a short demonstration of creating a new MatCap Texture.

Hey Knobby. :slight_smile: I’m used to mat caps from using ZBrush but I’d really appreciate a video of what these matcaps look like at runtime in the Unreal Engine. I’m very tempted to buy your pack but my project is VR and I want to make sure the materials won’t be uncomfortable to look at in real-time stereo. Just a short video capture of the materials is all I need to see. Thank you! :smiley: