Knite and the Ghost Lights (handcrafted stop-motion 'Metroidvania')

Hello everyone!

We’ve just recently started building our game in UE4. It’s a pretty unique handcrafted side-scroller with stop-motion elements, so you probably like it if you’re into Selick/Laika/Burton type of movies. At first we intended to work in Unity, but then switched to UE4, that we all here love so much. :o

All props are made by hand, photographed and then used in the game. This is how it looks in action.

The game also has beautiful stop-motion cutscenes.

And here are some props.

Knite and the Ghost Lights is set in Mistland, a mysterious world with a unique visual style, rich mythology and history spanning over many centuries. Ancient colonies, epic wars, alchemists, heroes, brave explorers, witches, giants, demons, etc. It would take eternity to mention everything that happened there in the past, so we created the official Wiki for those who want to dive deeper into the world of Mistland.

You play as Knite, a marsh imp whose life suddenly changes and flies off the rails. An ordinary Mistlander who never stepped beyond the bounds of his home, he starts his daring journey to distant lands determined to help his friends who lost their will to live and turned into Ghost Lights.

This story is about a former bookworm and homebird who becomes a part of the great adventure and gradually turns into a real hero for the sake of those who he loves.

We work hard to release the game in 2017. Hope you like it, and please feel free to tell us what you think about this project. And, if you want, about Metroidvanias, side-scrollers and stop-motion projects in general.

| Team Mistland

This looks AMAZINGGG! I can’t wait to see more!!!

PLEASE keep up the great work!****

Yes Yes Yes. oh man.

Thanks Mordecai! We do our best. :cool:

Simply Amazing!

Very nice. Just beautiful.

If you ever plan to make some of the objects 3d you should check out
Would be really really cool to get some 3d parallax, seems a shame to drop all that work down to what appears to be a single front on pic!

Its looking lovely tho!

Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it!

Shivmoo, this Memento thing looks cool, we need at least to check it out.

Awesome, one of my favorite games to play back in the day was called Neverhood and they used clay and stop motion animation. Really cool

Very nice, one thing, the animation eg. running seems a little stiff. Excellent stop motion and artwork, that’s a rare, rare, beautiful skill to have. Just a matter of integrating it into the gameplay really tightly.

Also parallax, etc. as mentioned above. As I’m sure you know you don’t need to parallax the individual objects just break the scene into say 5 layers which each move at different speeds giving a illusion of real depth.

I like Trine, super smooth and super beautiful all at once.

Yeah that game blew me away.

Yeah, Neverhood was badass. It was claymation, though. But still epic and cool. These guys make a new game calle Armikrog that looks like Neverhood on steroids. I think this one is gonna be the killer.

****, sure, there is a lot of things that we’d like to improve in the animation and stuff, I think we’ll spend a lot of crazy days and sleepless nights trying to make eveything look perfect. Yet, some stiffness is typical for stop-motion, so who knows… We have quite a difficult task, finding the balance between creating a smooth gameplay and preserving the handcrafted atmosphere. Anyway, we’re used to experimenting a lot, so there will be tons of tries, tests, fails and wins before the final version comes out.

No worries, all the best :slight_smile:

Not “The first handcrafted platformer in history”:
But still pretty cool, would be cooler if it was all 3d scanned instead of just photo image planes though.

Love the art style.

Wonderfull style! I love the art!

Awesome!!! so gorgeous!!

Your artwork is beautiful! How were the real-world props made? Looking forward to seeing more

Congratulations on a sucessful Kickstarter campaign!! I’m looking forward to seeing how this moves ahead - it’s such a beautiful game :smiley: