Knights of light is a medieval rpg set in the middle east

Egyptian developer Rumbling Games Studio’s debut game, Knights of Light, is a historical action-RPG set in 7th century Iraq.
**Knights of Light **takes place during the battles between the Sasanian Empire and Arab forces in the 600s and features a main character based on an unnamed historical figure. Several boss characters will also be based on people from the medieval era, though the developer has yet to reveal any specific names.
Rumbling Games says its game design and story structure take inspiration from The Witcher series, which is evident in the developer’s decision to include a “hidden fantasy path” within the campaign. The action-RPG will also feature multiple side quests and “playable side characters.”
Development is still in progress, but Rumbling Games is aiming for a 60-hour adventure, with two expansions already planned. Knights of Light will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, though a release window hasn’t been announced at this time.
Knights of Light : game play footage (pre-alpha)