Knights Of Legend Development Project


Hello I’m back this is my latest progress video for my wip game proj and learning.

Youtube : Gameplay Video

You can try and play also

Knighs of Legend is Story based game

Also in Knights of Legend game it has heavily grinding crafting for equipments to become stronger

It has pvp or coop battle

History / Summary

Magic History (Needs to be re-written to change magical lore)

Magic exists as a cornerstone of creation, it is a fundamental aspect of human life in all recorded history. There hasn’t been a time on this planet where humans existed without magic. It pulsates from the earth, feeding every living and even some non-living beings with pure energy. It brings to life that which would be impossible through creating and shaping what should be beyond normal human abilities. All humans were born with an innate ability to harness magical power, while other creatures could simple absorb it, humans could control it.

As with most things, when there is a lot of it, there is little interest to it. Some humans trained to harness their magic, while most ignored it. Those who did seek to learn more about magic, its uses and capabilities, came together and formed academies. These were places of learning and practice, where some would spend their days investigating the origins of magic, while others trained hard to enhance their powers. Those would could create sparks from their fingertips soon learnt to control storms, those who could warm a room soon learned to burn forests.

These academies thrived for decades, those who attended them began to venture out into the world to seek glory and fame. Those who trained to increase their magical power called themselves ‘the Enhanced’, while those who spend their time studying the origins of magic took the moniker of ‘the Seekers’. Pretty soon, these titles formed new professions within the world, with the Seekers being sought after by every Nation, City, Town and Villager as counsellors. Their knowledge was revered amongst the people of the world. The Enhanced on the other hand lent themselves out as brawlers. They didn’t care who they served or what they fought for, they just wanted to show off their power and prove they were the best.

New Features Logs:

Updated locomotion approach

Characters redesign

Cull distance

Amd fidelity

Ai party will automatically teleported near player

camera system

ikfoot enhancements

interactive foliage enhancements

optimized performance

water system

background noise,music dynamic

battlesystem frameworkv4

blocking system

light and heavy dynamic

slowmotion dynamic

Directional death animation dynamic

Melee/Sword Class


-attack nearest enemy and direction based animation

-smooth camera transition

-Ai float assistant

-Aerial + combo enhancements

Longrange Mage/Archer Class

-3 modes

-locking system

-aim offset

-auto attack nearest enemy

To follow

My game modules to follow are the following below


-full lore story (Complete)

-AI enhancements

-Characters ,enemies overdrive cutscene system

-Blocking and parry enhancements

-VFX enhancements



-PVP system and COOP boss fights