Knights of Extheleon - Competitive Sword Fighting Game

Hey guys, my name is Karo and I am the sole developer of Knights of Extheleon(Temporary name. KoE is a reflex based directional sword fighting game that is simple to play, but hard to master. My inspirations for making this game is Mount and Blade and Infinity Blade but mostly I got inspiration from For Honor.
Currently I am working on different single player modes and then I will be focusing on multiplayer and the ranking system after that.

The Combat system:

4 fast directional attacks that can only be blocked by the corresponding direction of the mouse or left/right thumbstick.
3 heavy directional attacks that bypass the block system and can only be dodged.

3 directional blocking system that is axis sensitive to the mouse and right gamepad thumbstick.
left and right dodge for evading heavy attacks.

The point of the game is to hone the boundaries of your reflexes and timing as a good defence is everything in this game. The animations and attack frequency will start slow and will progressively get quicker as you get comfortable with the controls and develop more efficient reflexes. By the time you unlock and complete all the single player modes you should be ready for multiplayer which the game will be based on. Getting higher ranks in multiplayer will unlock different armor sets but the stats apply only to single player as the multiplayer will be 100% won through skill. Since I am the only developer I don’t expect having a huge player base so its possible for bronze players to get matched with diamond players to minimize queue times, however its entirely possible for the bronze player to win if his reflexes are faster as there will be no diversity in stat progression despite ranking. The armor in multiplayer will be purely cosmetic and a bragging rights thing so that when you get into a match you’re opponent knows what rank you are at simply by looking at your cool shiny armor as he pees his pants.

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I would really enjoy playing such a game!

Recovery time after taking a big hit / having to back away and retreat / recover


This game looks epic! Cant wait to play!