Knightmare Lands

It’s a top-down fantasy game where player is controlling a group of four rpg-like characters at once and have to fight against endless waves of different enemies.

UPDATE: The game concept is changing during development, so please look for the latest posts in this thread to find the most recent state of the game! :slight_smile: Thank you for interesting!

Below is the old description, kept for historical reasons:
The key point of the game is mixing some rpg elements with fast-paced action gameplay on a small arena.
The game will not have any story mode (at least not in the first version), it will be something like a Crimsonland but with RPG mixins.

Each playthrough player will get a semi-random party of 4 Heroes (from 11 classes overall) and will progress them by leveling up and transforming their abilities to build a balanced group to survive as long as possible.

Couple of teasers
Here is the level overview in it’s current state (I know it’s a bit empty, it’s far from the final version)

And here is the basic gameplay (no need to watch the full video, it’s long and mostly the same)

A sneak peak of some characters!
The first four Heroes in the top row: Sorceress, Knight, Hunter, Druid). Others are enemies :slight_smile:

I’m the only one permanent member, Alexey ‘norlin’ Makarov, doing all the in-engine work, game design and so on. Quit my job and working on the game fulltime for about a year.

All the concept art are made by Jake Morrison.
3d models, rig and animations are made by multiple contractors and still in progress.
Music and sound is currently in work, will update when it’s ready. (all the sounds and music in the videos are a placeholders either from a free sounds libraries or FMOD example project)

Any thoughts, feedbacks, suggestions are welcome!

Something I made recently: a very important feature for the overall gameplay – enemies groups and formations!

Now enemies can be spawned in groups and move together, soon they will be able to help each other to make the Heroes life even harder and the gameplay more interesting :slight_smile:

Working on the Heroes’ skills, and here is the Knight’s Battle Roar!

p.s. the VFX is not implemented yet, just a placeholder for now.

Hunter’s new ability: Calling Whistle – summon a wolf to fight enemies!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Beware! Druid have learned how to summon the Angry Totem! It’s protecting the Heroes with a magic barrier and attack nearby enemies at the same time!

What do you think?

Here is the teaser made for the past DevGAMM conference (15-17th of May 2019)!

Started working on the “story mode” for Knightmare Lands!

It’s probably not a complex thing for an experienced UE4 dev/tech artist, but I’m really proud of this and made it almost all by myself!
Now I can place the roads along any spline and the noisy texture will tile properly and almost seamlessly with all the spline’s curves!

New game teaser!

This is awesome!!! the game looks fun to play!! i cant wait to put my hands in it!

Good news, everyone!
Finally, I’ve published the game’s page in Steam!

The game is still under development, though you already can add it to the wishlist :wink:


Knightmare Lands have passed the first stage of The Contest for the UE4 developers from the russian-speaking podcast Disgusting Men!

There were 180+ applications and only 50 projects are accepted.
It’s only the beginning, in the end there can be only one!

the video below is not from the game xD

I really enjoy the graphical style of the visual effects, pretty stylized.

Have you tried bringing the camera closer to the character? I feel like it might be a bit too far and we can’t see much of our heroes or enemies.

Keep up the good work and congrats for passing the first stage :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

About the camera, currently I have zoom and camera rotation so it’s up to player :slight_smile: But honetsly with the planned gameplay (a lot of enemies) it’s more convenient to play with the far camera…
Maybe it will be changed later during development.

Current camera controls:

Hey everyone!

The awesome artist who made all the concepts for the Knightmare Lands - Jake Morrison - just recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for his 280-pages (!) comic book “Dani and Ramen: A Nomad’s Tale VOL.1”](Dani and Ramen: A Nomad's Tale VOL.1 by Jake Morrison — Kickstarter)!

p.s. it does not have any connection with the Knightmare Lands, besides the Jake’s awesome visual style

Attention please!

If you’re interested in Knightmare Lands and willing to help with the project please contact me! Email: [EMAIL=“”] or Telegram:
Game designers, tech.artists and level designers are wanted on the first hand!

Brief update about the recent progress:

  • Major ECS system update: a LOT of refactorting and code changes, getting rid of some technical debt and fixing bunch of annoying bugs - all to prepare path for adding new content!
  • Implement completely new attributes system for the characters, to allow proper buffs/debuffs stacking, future pickup bonuses and different effects directly affecting the gameplay.
  • Finally I’ve started to work on the new environment themes: a hot volcano theme, spooky graveyard and searing desert are coming soon!
  • Last but not least: game progress saving. With dozens of levels planned, it will definitely be convenient!

No new pics for now, stay tuned!

p.s. Don’t forget to like the project on The Contest page!

Introduce the Cursed Ground levels and the bunch of new VFXs!

Please wishlist the game on Steam!

Small in-editor demo of the “cursed ground” feature

The project was showcased on DevGAMM 2019 in Minsk, detailed report will be available later!
Here is the new gameplay trailer, what do you think? :slight_smile: