Knight Marketplace Asset Package Name Conflict

There are two asset packages on the Marketplace that share the same directory name “Knight” when installed.

This causes problems for people that buy both packages, as the local content is a mashup of both.


You can work around by downbaloding installing one, then renaming in project, delete local content in launcher, and then repeat for the other… but this is rather annoying](

You may want to contact the sellers of those assets directly, because they are the ones who do the folder naming in this.

I contacted both - one graciously volunteered to fix… the other seller… well, did not seem to understand the problem. :frowning:

I tried to explain it was corrupting the local launcher cache… probably may need to seek a refund.

This also happened to one of my assets and very problematic to solve.
Back then we couldn’t edit anything by ourselves, but Marketplace staff made the changes I needed to my own package.

I saw you gave the asset a one star. This feels a bit underhanded since it’s not really the seller’s fault. You don’t know how other sellers name their folder and a lot of the times the folder names are different from the titles on the marketplace( you can change the title much easier and I do it a lot to test different titles myself). This is something the marketplace support team should handle naming conflicts since they already make changes to the vault cache folder names( my project folder name is completely different in the vault cache than it is when I submit it).

Meanwhile, there are workarounds while one of the assets gets renamed and I suggest you contact marketplace support since they should be able to fix the issue sooner than the seller could.

I agree that giving someone essentially a bad review with 1 star on their product, for a problem that they are not really responsible for, is wrong.

Also, the Product Page Naming does not need to be the same with the Folder naming. Actually in some cases it is better to have another name for the folders than the product page.
Example with my Asset “First Person Puzzle Template” which I reduce in the Folder name to “FPPTemplate”. The reason for this is, that long folder names can cause issues and are just hard to read sometimes.

And for something as generic as “Knight” or “Knights” it would be actually logical for someone to use one or another variation of the word for the folder.

After thinking more about it, I decided you were right about the rating - so I made it a 3.

I think my main frustration was more in the lack of concern in the sellers response.