Knife Swing Replication

Hey yall, I have an issue with some of my replication for a player doing a knife swinging. Right now, there is no animation but I am just trying to get the basics of it down. What I am trying to do is run a ray trace and spawn a knife collider Blueprint when it hits something (like another character). I setup the replication the way I thought would work for spawning a blueprint.

Then to make sure that I was hitting something and that it was being replicated I added a print node so that I could see what was being hit. Mind you I did this all and was working good before I started to replicate. The server can print the things he is hitting but the clients don’t see what they are hitting on the print screen. I also have the knife BP replicating in its class options.

I’ve been scratching my head over this for quite sometime. If someone could help me out that would be appreciated. Thanks.

So, I was able to figure out my issue by combining the function replication with the variable replication. I will post below
the pictures of the differences I used. If you guys have any other questions about how I did this just message me and I’d be happy to explain it a bit more. I feel the pictures explain it good.

Starts with pressing Button to Swing.

Moves into Rep Notify where ray cast happens

Then Moves back to EventGraph to Call spawn actor of Knife Collier and knife collider is spawned.

Hope this helps at least one person. I understand the replication struggle is real.