Kitten'd - VR crazy cat lady simulator


Hi there folks!
After 2 years in the cooker we finally released our crazy cat lady simulator game Kitten’d on Steam, Oculus Store and the Viveport.
We are currently porting it to PSVR and I have to say this engine has been really good to us for PC development and moving on to PSVR it’s still treating us very well.
I have worked my entire work-life with only the unreal engine beginning with modding UE2 then doing work in UE3 for over 10 years. The change from 3 to 4 is amazing it’s been a blast.

What is it!
Loosely based on a recurring dream of one of our developers, in Kitten’d your task is to take care of an overwhelming amount of cute kittens for a short amount of time.
At the end of each level you receive points based on how happy the kittens are and lose points for everything they destroyed. These points are used to upgrade your tools.
For example you can improve the size of your food bowls, invest in better laser-pointers or upgrade your trusty PoopSucker 3000.
The game is level based and contains 28 crazy levels on 4 different worlds with a charming narrative that unfolds as you progress.

Based on the feedback gathered throughout the early access period, we also decided to add a sandbox mode where you can hang out with your kittens in a more relaxed manner, play with them, and customize them by buying clothes and other accessories.
This mode runs even when you aren’t playing (similar to how tamagotchis works)


  • Take care of an overwhelming amount of kittens!
  • 8 super cute kitten breeds with unique characteristics.
  • 28 wacky levels on 4 worlds.
  • Rewarding fast-paced family friendly gameplay.
  • Releaxed sandbox mode! Take care of your own virtual pets.
  • See the kittens eat, play and destroy your home in stunning VR.