Kitten Asset Overwrote all my game files!!!! Unreal, Get your act together and check these assets!!!

Purchased the Kitten Asset off the Market Place and then added to my project just about everything is overwritten. Does Unreal not do any basic checking on these assets at all!!! Come on unreal get it together!!! This is so basic!!!

Unless you somehow had the exact same assets as the plugin you imported then your assets were not overwritten.

Excuse me, all the .ini files were overwritten.

sorry you lost files :frowning:

If possible something like Perforce can help prevent annoying loss of files… but does nothing after the fact

Thank you OptimisticMonkey**, I have backups but it is so annoying that Epic is not policing the marketplace. I am going to send a letter to upper management so they are aware of what is going on. I have purchased lot of assets and maybe 15% to 20% have deleted my files. When Epic sent out a survey about what improvements could be made I told them one would be if the assets that say: “Add to Project” then it only adds 1 folder with sub-folders to the Content folder root. It does NOT add multiple folders to the root and it does not change any ini files!! If it says “Create New Project” then it can do what it wants. **

It is always safer to create multiple projects for each product bought on the marketplace and then manually migrate to the main one the needed assets folders.

**Hey DarkS474, I agree, maybe Epic should remove the: **“Add to Project” and just have the: “Create New Project” in your Vault.

Hey John!

I’ve never had this happen to me ever before, and I’ve purchased and added to project many marketplace products. That isn’t to say you haven’t experienced this, but this sounds like something that might be a fluke, have you reached out to to have them take a look at the pack in question and see if they come across the same issue? The way Add To Project works from what I understand is by adding assets within the Content folder of the uploaded product. At any rate notifying the marketplace staff of the product will allow them to investigate and reach out to the developer to hopefully come up with a solution if it’s on the developers end and not a bug of some sort with Add To Project.

Same thing happened with my asset as well. It happened when marketplace team updated the seller portal to automate certain things and some assets got “broken” (became add to project while keeping ini files). So, it is not a mistake of asset developer or QA team upon initial submission because it happened afterwards/by itself and no one was aware of it :. Only thing we can do is let the marketplace support team know about the asset and issue so they can take care of it. I hope you didn’t lose any progress.

SE_JonF, this has happened a few time to me, but I do purchase many, many assets. I have seen other angry threads, lol and also angry reviews inside the assets. will start e-mailing them at the e-mail you left, thank you.
Nicat**, thanks for the insight about the automation breaking the way assets installed, I did not know this, I will let them know when an asset breaks my project. **