Kite Demo: (Understanding the offerings) DevTon - VEA - PurePolygons

Ive just seriously started to learn UE4.
(Currently Im going through youtube tutorials using the Kite Demo.)

Looking at the marketplace I have run across three different, very nice, nature pack offerings - while appearing similar, they seem to approach the layout in different ways.

i.e. DevTon apparently uses blueprints and alpha channels vs. painting… interesting concept.
VEA has the River tool and automatic layout that can be used with the Kite Demo and/or PurePolygon & DevTons assets, though I could be mistaken.
And pure Polygons… love the flexibility, dont think the trees can be turned to static meshes, but it is sweet indeed - only if they had a River tool… (would like just one company to go with.)

So… I want a pack that is solid, fully optimized for UE4, and has ongoing development and support for UE4.
(I bought a pack from manufacture4k, I believe it was, that abandoned their products here. Apparently they are more Unity based.)

  • Do these nature packs, from these three devs., essentially do the same thing?
  • Do they compliment each other?
  • They all are for PC development, but seeing the new UE4 article about Fortnite Royale, is it possible to take these assets and use it for mobile?
    • How much better are they than what is offered in Kite Demo? or better, how well do they integrate with it?

Total newbie here…
Was just trying to place objects one by one from Kite Demo, first load, each asset, took forever first time - but foliage tool, works like a charm.
(Running on a ROG NVdia 9600m Laptop.)

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences, or from the devs. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your time!