Kite demo runs smootly on 2core i3

Hello everyone,

I’m doing a small experiment to test, if 2core CPU can still be used today. Kite demo says that for 30 fps playback it needs 6 core 3.3 GHz, 24 GB RAM and 980. I had 2core CPU @ 3.7 GHz, 16 GB Ram and Titan X and it worked fine. Question would be, why mislead people that they need a better CPU, when they don’t? As you canb see on the overlay, the CPU is not even being used at 100%


Those are the requirements to load the project. Also, you’re benefiting greatly from having a Titan X graphics card

The requirements in the demo come right from the machines we used to run the demo at GDC at 30 FPS. Darthviper107 is also correct in that your problems are mitigated by the fact that you have a Titan X GPU.

I have to admit though, I’m personally absolutely baffled as to why you’d build a machine using a dual core i3, but 16GB of memory and a Titan X. If you could spend £850 on a GPU, why only spend £85 on a processor 0_o?

Just for testing purposes :wink: But many times when my friends ask me to assemble a budget gaming PC for them - I go for decent graphics (GTX 970) and dual core i3. I wanted to validate that idea, so next to it i had a 6core 3.6GHz i7 (Haswell-E) with GTX 980 and bench marked the two against each other. The 2core setup outperformed the 6core in most 2015 games and all games released prior to 2015, with only exception being racing sims. The good thing about owning a company that is working on interactive software that there is a lot of hardware in the office, so i can just build whatever i want. I even wanted to try i3 + SLI. The bad thing about it is that i rarely find time to do fun projects like this.

But it’s still interesting, that even developer states that 4core is minimum requirement, the 2core still runs better than 6core.

It’s not really a fair test though is it? If you wanted to prove that the 2-core machine outperformed the 4-core machine, you would need every other element to be the same including the GPU.

As others have said, Epic state a 4-core machine is necessary because few people have such a powerful GPU, and it gets confusing if they start saying “4-core machine necessary unless you have one of the most powerful GPUs on the planet”.

Have you tried opening the project for development purposes yet?

Lol, I have on my rig (AMD-7850K OC’d to 4.2, GTX 960), and I was brought to my knees for about 4 hours, and then decided that it really wasn’t a big deal, so I went into task manager and killed the process :smiley:

Does that mean some tasks are scheduled on the GPU if it’s underutilized?