kite demo - pc freezes when i try to open any of the levels.


I was really excited that theres finally the new version out so I can see how the open world content is being used in the kite demo.

Sadly upon opening one of the levels my pc freezes at a bit over 50% of loading.

Is there still problems with it or is my pc just too bad?


AMD Radeon HD 6670
AMD Athlon™ II X4 640 Processor
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

PS: the open world content itself didnt change right? or should i delete the one i downloaded a month or 2 ago and re download the fresh version?

That not enough RAM, Windows will start swapping memory to and from disk. If you just let it go on it will eventually load. Should be only once to wait ages.

after the first fail i actually tried again before going out.

after a few hours i cam back to a frozen pc again… ~.~

Do you think 8GB would be enough (not to run the demo, just to explore the setup)?

the demo you can download is the same one that’s been out for a while, the full kite demo should be up in the next few days.

when I tried to open it on my laptop it bluescreened but I left it and it did finally open the demo, it took 4-5 hours though, also that laptop only has 8GB ram so I can say it is just enough to take a look.

hope that helps:)

I have 16 gigs and it takes me about 5-10 minutes to open it up though it will sometimes crash as it does with any high-foliage, high-lighting map. These sort of maps are extremely RAM intensive.

I can confirm that. Im running UE4 with 32GB RAM and it still takes 10+ minutes to load levels or place assets for the first time…

There is really some C64 loading screen nostaligia lingering around when waiting for the thing to finally open…
Well, at least we dont have to install it from datasette… :rolleyes:

ummmm, my new laptop opened it and it was usable in less then 5 mins the first time I loaded it, after the first time its pretty much instant.

that loading screen was awesome though:p

Nah, you probably were just too exited about the new laptop, so you thought it was only 5 minutes…:stuck_out_tongue:

its probably because it was being loaded from the SSD, it says its a 256GB SSD but its actually 2x128GB SSD’s in raid so it loads faster then a single SSD + it has 32GB ram which couldn’t have hurt either;)

You don’t need to open the maps to see the setup or the assets. It takes a long boring time. Just create an empty level and start dragging an asset into the level. It takes a couple minutes, examine it then drag in the next one.

SSD, ah, an aristocrat :cool:

wonder when the kite demo is actually being released

we so derailed the thread a bit, my bad:)

I’d guess next couple of days.

now back on topic,

@t0b4cc0, the way I got my old laptop to load it was to restart the laptop so no ram or anything was already being used and then trying to load it straight away with no other programs running, then I just left it until it was loaded, as I said it blue screened and took hours but if you do the same it might work:).

will there be a youtube series going in depht, especially about the algorithms used to create the level?

not sure but there was a twitch stream today about the kite demo you will be able to watch when they upload it, there is also another live twitch stream about it tomorrow, if you ask a question in this thread they will either answer it live or reply in the thread.

hope that helps:)

did they say in the stream when it was coming? really need to see how they did a couple things

they said soon but I am watching the stream at the moment and chance said they are trying to get it out right now, so keep checking your launcher:)


I should say that I am only repeating what he said, its no 100% guaranteed:)

to late i take your word on ti 100 percent, fi its not up im blaming you!!! lol

just playing bro

Is there some option like while it opening it, open it as a low resolution? during the design?

No, there is not