[Kite Demo] Free Auto Landscape Material

Wish I knew this earlier, would of saved me a lot of hassles and money, I assumed that everything was layers from World Machine masks, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the majority of it is being layered automatically.

Landscape mesh from Epics ‘Landscape Mountains’ content example project, some of the material parameters tweaked to cater to this specific landscape

It becomes obvious that this material isn’t 100% complete because they were on a pretty tight time to get the Kite Demo out to the public, but all of the functionality is there and can produce some pretty fine results.

Off the top of my head and transferring to layman terms, the noteworthy features include:

  • Normal blended layers (Height Lerp)
  • 2 Angle Blended layers
  • 3 Paint layers
  • Remove/add foliage
  • Splat mask foliage
  • Planar macro mask to fake distant foliage (Heather grass in this case)
  • Distance blended textures (Camera Distance)

Download Link - 1.29GB: MEGA

Yes please :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve added a link to the project. It will look different as I just did a clean migration and the material shown in the screen shots was from my attempt at cleaning it all up and fixing/adding the features left out by Epic, I may be inclined to release a fixed version down the line once my schedule free up.

I’ve included the Landscape from the Mountains project, it may look dodgy because I removed all of the post processing and fancy particle effects, final size is 1.29GB

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Sorry, added the link, pressed reply too fast

Thanking you!

Link is dead…

Can this be used in commercial projects?

Looks great thanks. Isn’t this in the open world demo content pack though?

Ah, I don’t have this on my system anymore, but it can be ripped from the GDC Kite Demo

anyone have copy for this project please because link doenot work.

Im sure you can find this in the ue4 learning / education section

Sorry not anymore, you can download the EPIC kite demo and grab it from there manually, sorry :slight_smile: