Kite demo asset freezes client, when adding ScotsPine_01 BP to Foliage Tool

Freeze again after restarted from previous crash.

There might be an issue with this BP. Windows task manager shows that program process is not responding. Aborting …

UE version 4.7.3 latest public release


It’s any of tree’s, crashes if you try to open mesh, add them to foliage, or basically touch them in any way. All of ferns, grass etc. seem to be ok, but tree’s in particular have all crashed UE4 for me.

Hey guys,

I was experiencing this issue with 4.7.3 and 4.7.4, but as soon as I updated to 4.7.5 release issue was resolved. Let me know if you guys find this to be same for you as well.

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Ok, I tried again and this time I left it trying to load for probably about an hour, and it did actually finally load. So it does hang at 73% or whatever for a long, long time, and show up as not responding, but eventually it seems to load now.

Hi all,

long load times is a result of very large textures. Take a look at this post for more information (and a workaround):

Hope that helps!

Same problem here, I have now 4.8.3 update but still same problem, loading times very very high, at time I’m writing this, UE is trying to load up ScotsPine_01 BP to foliage tool, hung at 99% (!!) and now almost 15 minutes passed by, still it won’t move at all… I hope they will resolve this nasty issue in future versions.