Kite Asset Freezing while Dropping Asset into Scene.

Hi @ all.

At first sorry for my bad english (german guy here :P)

So, my Problem is, that since today, my UE is freezing while i drag and drop or trying to use a Kite Asset like a tree into my scene, it shows: Loading Package and hanging @ 90/80/98 Percent Loading.

Whats the matter?
Yesterday it works and my System isnt the Baddest:

Core i7 3820
GTX 970 AMP Extreme
8GB Tripple Channel 1800MHz
P9X79 Asus

What can i do?
Its only with Kite Asset Static Meshes

Editor UE 4.8.2

thx 4 help

Normally this just happens when you drag and drop the mesh into your level for the first time -> so do you get the same freezing when you try to place the mesh again? :slight_smile:

ok trying now to wait for loading my tree.
it looks like a full freeze, other assets from kite are working fine.

yah it works, so i have now every one tree, to set and wait for lot of minutes :O, but thx :smiley:

Yeah, same thing happens to me, but it shouldn’t be something to worry about, this just happens when you first try to use an asset.