Kitchen Renovation/Animation


here is my latest work!

An animation of a kitchen renovation. Feel free to check it out or ask any questions! :slight_smile:

i7 4770/ GTX 660/ 8GB ram
Took about 3 days to complete

EDIT:* I should probably point out, I was not aiming for “realism” with this. I was aiming more towards the HGTV look*

Looks good to me.

As a customer i would want to use the space around the kitchen hood for easy access to my herbs and spices.

Good job. As far as the animation, did you export from another software (3ds, C4D) or did you create directly in UE4?

The animation was created in UE4 :slight_smile:

Looks really good. What application did you use to create the models?

I should probably point out, I wasn’t aiming for “realism” with this. I was aiming more towards the HGTV look :slight_smile:

I used Chief Architect to model the main base of the room such as the floor, walls, door, windows, and cabinets.

Looks great! Lovely feeling to it :slight_smile:

Thank you Sparven :slight_smile:

For me; it is fantastic :rolleyes:…
Can you please tell something about the lighting system you had use…!!? especially for the part of the video, when the furniture and accessories were moving to their fixed places…
I may guess they were movable lights, without building a lightmap…!!

Best wishes

Thank you very much!

My lighting setup was very basic. The main ambient lighting for the scene was made up of 1 Directional light and 1 Skylight that’s it.

The lights underneath the cabinets and the recessed ceiling lights were just regular “Spot Lights” all set to movable.


Really; I like your technique;

  1. The animated objects bring life to the video
  2. Using movable lights is time saving & headache relief :)… :
    …There would be no need for Unwrapping objects for UV2 (for a lightmap)
    …There would be no need for Building lightmaps (which may take many hours; especially in a scene with hi-poly meshes)

About the lighting system…
When I use a Directional light, I got hard shadow edges…
while in your video what I see was only Ambient Occlusion shadows (I think so) !! may be the directional light is set to movable as well, OR something I’m missing…:confused:

What about Render settings? did you use a PostProcessVolume OR a LightmassImportanceVolume …?

The music was a very good choice… Every thing was just like a celebration…:slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
& Best wishes


I have been using CA for a couple of years to help my remodel clients with visualization. The walkthroughs are ok but I really want to offer a better experience. It has been suggested that I jump into Unreal.
Can you offer some advice? My email is Thanks