Kitchen monster...Looking for help

Hi everyone,im here looking for 1 or 2 buddy to join me in my video game project, actually im alone doing 3d modeling and level design and will start to do some animation

Where im stuck is blueprint and c++ where even with tutorial what i want to make is not easy to find and have a lot of trouble to understand too… im more a artistique person then a coding one

So in looking for one programmer/blueprint(c++)
And a character désign to help me with

My project is not that big, for more information
you can write me a email too [EMAIL=“”] , here or you can add me on discord Darth Dannyangel#6407 thx

Im a self-taught learner, i have work on this game for almost 2 month and im working on it 3-4h per day…making 3D monsters with blender and working on the map and levels on unreal

If i can learn more with 1 or 2 people while making my game i would appreciate it

Game title
for now : Kitchen monster


one team of scientist working secretly on a special effect bomb, one day some terrorist find out about it and steal it with one desire, revenge on a culinary competition after the bomb exploded in the kitchen of the culinary competition the food and kitchen accessories mutated and became alive…the game start 5 years after that

For more informations if you 're interested just write to me