Kitchen + Living Room - Unreal Engine

Another test project within the Unreal Engine 4.

3ds Max;
Unreal Engine 4
Substance Designer.

Nice materials. The outside look a little fake/game-ish but I know it’s a pain to make decent looking background! Good job!

Quite like it! But what i find really annoying and I don’t understand why so many people do this, but please just leave the TV off! It takes away so much focus! Humans always gravitate their focus towards movement! And in ArchViz not much moves, and the focus is supposed to be on the architecture!

The other thing I found a bit weird is that you switch the materials of something in almost every shot. The first times i thought it was a mistake until i saw what happens. If there is no UI to tell you what happened/how to change the colors I wouldn’t do it in a presentation. For the matinee I’d just leave one state and then for the playthrough video show that you can switch the colors etc.

Otherwise: Really pretty! Keep it up!

Hi guys!!! Thank alot for your commentary! Is really helpful!