Kitchen Furnishing Pack [Submitted]

Hey all,

I recently submitted a pack of common kitchen furnishings. It consists of:

  • 16 static meshes
  • 20 materials
  • Textures for each asset ranging between 1024x1024 and 4096x4096

All feedback is welcome. Please let me know what you think.



Hmm, what is the polycount and price? :slight_smile:

With all the assets as shown in the screenshots, the combined polycount is 76,763 tris.

I am planning to sell the pack for $15.

In my opinion, there to many polys for such scene. I dont know, actually, but i would do it with no more than 10k.

10k would be too low. Perhaps the drawers and doors open?

Not too low, actually. Most of small details can be done by using normal maps instead of polygons.

Definitely. I thought it was a low poly kitchen with lots of normal maps at first glance.

Not necessarily. Don’t get me wrong 76k is quite a lot for the assets being shown, but 10k is on the opposite end of that extreme. Polycount is dependent on targeted platform as well as the intended use of the scene. (i.e. game, architectural visualization) I’m assuming this is for archviz in which case greater polygonal detail would be optimal to low poly with detailed normal maps. If this were intended for a game, then for such a small cluster of assets 76k is quite high.

Could we get a wireframe screenshot? I don’t care so much about the number of tris, just that they are being used places that make sense.

I didn’t hold back in polygon use except for in the case of some small details, with the view that a higher level of detail could be useful for architectural visualization purposes.

Almost all of the assets have some amount of edge beveling, as well as various other details depending on the model. On the toaster for instance, I modeled the interior of the heating element out of polygons (except for the heating wires themselves, which are normal mapped). Bolts and hinges on the various appliances are constructed out of polygons as well.

Here are some wireframe shots: