Kitbash 3D... thoughts?

Was about to purchase one of the model when I found out they adopted the stupid greedy ‘seats’ idea like Quixel.

Something like for x artist you pay more etc. Shouldn’t 3D models be like ‘buy and it’s yours’ thing instead of having to pay more just cause your company is ‘bigger’?

It’s up to the seller how they want to sell their work, a lot of stock websites sell things based on who you are and what you’re doing with the content.

A lot of websites, like Gettyone is losing out to websites like Shutterstock. Advertising industry is no longer like what it used to be, back then, the ad agencies want a piece of whatever you’re making, which shouldn’t be the case and should not even be their business to get a piece of the pie.

Shutterstock and many more modern libraries sell reasonably, as long as you don’t distribute, they don’t bother with ‘how many artist are using the same image’ but rather ‘allowing how many artist to access to the library to search for stuffs’. Even Gettyone lost pretty badly and had to change their charging model which now actually has corporate packages (which they don’t display on their website) that allows corporate clients to download whatever they want for a small price.

Selling it based on what we do with it, is much more reasonable way of charging then over ‘how many artist I have’.

It’s kinda crap that Kitbash wants to know how many artist we have, and how many artists are using it. So if I have 1 artist using it, then pass on to another artist to add stuffs to it or touch it up, wouldn’t that be a grey area? Technically I felt this is crap method of charging, just a greedy way.

I’d rather they charge high upfront and not bother ‘how many artist I have’ in my studio. Not to mention that this is kinda infringement of my company HR information.

Anyway that’s my 2cents.

It’s pretty common for software that wants to sell to small teams, but also giant companies, to have weird ways of determining pricing. Sometimes they ask about size, profit, limit the features that might appeal more to larger studios. Maya Indie for example or limited polycounts of models. Think per user is silly? How about per CPU or CPU core? That was pretty common.

Software I can understand since x no. of people will be using it… but for models… ? Kinda greedy imo and also didn’t quite like revealing my team size. It’s the first time I come across such way to charge for a model. It’s like my artists telling me 'hey im charging you 3x the price to do this model cause your company has x staff (bigger). My 2cents anyway.

Remembered me telling a studio off couple months ago, they tried to charge me based on ‘what I am booking the studio for’ and ‘where the sound recorded would be used’, ‘how would the sound be used for’… I told them it’s none of their business, their service is purely on space rental, which profit should already been factored in by time vs space basis.