Kismet and multiplayer.

How does it work, I know how to replicate an entire game, but not with kismet, I move an object with kismet for example and it does not move for all clients. any idea? :rolleyes:

Do experiments using nodes:Teleport vs Set Actor Location…

Teleport appears to operate like a server authority transform.
Triggers seem to operate like client RPC calls to the Server.
Set / Get Property exposes other parameters not in Kismet.

For UI attaching a Trigger works (key presses clientside only).
For interaction, scenecapture cams work (Action-script? IDK).
(Changing skel meshes / attachments at game time is tricky).

But as regards online lag / getting Client-side prediction working?
Hard to see how you could ever ship a production game this way…

Hello I still need to investigate kismet and Multiplayer, I don’t even know if the kismet nodes gets called from client or from server side… lol let’s see if I find some time.

what do you mean with online client side protection I have no idea. :rolleyes:

Both… It depends, same as Blueprints. A key-press executed on client is client-side only. A trigger executed on client is server-side / multicast. Set Actor Location / Rotation executed client-side is client-side only. Set Actor Location / Rotation executed in conjunction with TELEPORT is handled server-side / replicated. You can also experiment with bReplicates or other vars you can get access to from Kismet using Get / Set Property…

You use a translator dude… :stuck_out_tongue: Usted usa tranductor…???

Alright as you are saying you are telling me to be careful since depending on some variables, kismet nodes may be called from client or server, alright fair enough.
I’ll try to use it lol.
But really sometimes I guess my sentences make sense but they really don’t? lol

A veces… :stuck_out_tongue: