KISEKI RPG Framework

If you’ve been following me, you know that around 8 months ago I announced that I started work on my RPG Framework, KISEKI RPG Framework around 8 months ago. It’s finally ready for release, and it has a pretty huge feature set. For the next 4 days we’ll be having a flash sale on it on both our Sellfy page and our Personal Store. We’re planning on selling it normally for $79.99, but for the flash sale, which is up until Monday at 11:59PM, you can buy it for only $29.99 on our site and $31 on Sellfy. You can buy it here for Sellfy, and here for our own website. I’m uploading videos right now so I’ll link them tomorrow morning on this post. It’s 1AM here right now. A full list of features is as follows.

And Video Added!

User’s Guide can be found here.

Action RPG
-Simple AI with Node based movement for patrolling.
-Item System
-Proper damage filtering and damage mechanics with Magic and Physical damage handling. Functions can by changed by just editing the RPGFunctions Library.
-Simple Minimap
-Party System which allows you to have up to 3 additional party members
-Example of Status effects with Poison Loops
-NPCs with full integration with a robust Dialogue System which handles the following types of Dialogue:
-Normal Lines with JumpTo Line features
-Branching Dialogue lines with separate JumpTo lines per choice.
-True False Queries through Dialogue
-Quest Assignment
-Quest Checking
-A simple Quest System for two different types of Quests:
-Item Collection Quests
-Enemy Subjugation Quests where enemy classes deaths are tracked after quest start
-Sample Menu Widgets that roughly show how to Save, Load, use items on other party members, and change equipment
-Equipment Hooks for equipping and unequipping equipment
-Simple Save System for saving data
-Support for Projectile Magic and also AoE magic
-Timing based combo system
-EXP System for awarding EXP and handling stat gains during level ups
-Controller Ready Scrollboxes
-Floating Healthbars on AI characters to level up the presentation of your project.
-Simple Spark Effects for damage
-Signposts for Player Interaction. Meshes can simply be changed out.
-Interactable Items for collecting Equipment and Normal Items.
-Cool Damage widgets that display the damage received when hit!

What’s Coming Next?
Well that’s the cool part. I’m starting a poll soon to see what people want next. I know a lot of people wanted a turn based system, and that’s in the works, but I wanted to provide both in the same project without interfering with each other. That should be released within the coming weeks as a small patch.

Some things we’re contemplating are:
-MMO and Network Integration
-Assets for use with our framework including Particle Effects, and Character/Monster Models
-Prioritize the Turn-Based RPG
-Some environmental assets
-Moar Animations!

If you want a customized version of our framework just PM me and we can discuss a price.

Starting off a tutorial series as well! I’ll post some of them to the main page, basically the ones that don’t expose the underlying blueprints too much.

And some screenshots of everything:








New Updating coming by Friday, possibly sooner. Some very important things were pointed out to me by some forum users.

New Update contains the following:

-Much better demo level
-Much Cleaner and better commented blueprints
-An upgrade to 4.11
-Sample Characters
-Making sure all content follow Epic’s Naming conventions
-Audio Transition Samples to handle entering into battle BGM and back to Level BGM
-Animation Trigger based Combo System for Unlimited Combo Lengths
-Cooldown Widget for Casting Time
-Unified Active Item/Skills Widget (We’re using this in our main Project)
-Fixes to some bugs in both the Items Widget when using Items on the Main Character and fixes to the Equipment Widget
-Party Members can now access the Dialogue system before joining your Party

As I’ve just bought the framework to test it on 4.10 it gives alot of accessed none errors.

Can you give me a screenshot? Shoot me an email at

I don’t see the problems on my end as you can see in the video.

Still include the turn based blueprints etc…?