King Tut Head Piece in UE4

I recently went to the King Tut exhibit, and I took 33 pictures of the golden head piece replica and brought them into 123D Catch for processing.

I then sculpted away in Zbrush after I fixed the symmetry.

Then I decimated the model down to about 16,500 polygons and UV unwrapped the low res version in Modo.

And then I baked the normal maps in with Xnormal, painted on the color maps in Modo, edited the color maps into black and white metallic maps in Photoshop, imported it all into UE4, learned how to do a simple matinee, and then exported the image sequence into Sony Vegas for rendering!

If you want to see more of my work, go to for more!

(I love PBR textures in UE4!)

Wow just wow!
Excellent step by step instructions man! Fantastic work :slight_smile:
Love it when people describe all their steps so crappy modelers like myself can get some great tips :slight_smile:
Thanks once again!

Outstanding work JoelGafford! I really like how you broke down how you went about creating this project. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to see more of your work in the near future! Have a great day!

Thanks QBert and Sean Gribbin for the encouragement! I find when I keep track of my daily progress on a project, it keeps me motivated to push through any of the obstacles that may pop up.

Happy UE4’ing!


And now, you do a remake of the Stargate opening :stuck_out_tongue:

The entire piece is simply amazing but the video really accentuates the attention to detail, specifically how the bead work around the neck looks hand crafted and painted.