Kinematic vs Physics movement

Howdy! I was ripping through Mookie’s quite amazing plugins, and found an interesting thing. If I have a skeletal mesh and change it to a physics object, the orientation of the model seems to change, as in wasd directions change. Quite puzzling. Forward is left, down is right, cats and dogs living together. It’s a mess! At first I thought it was a plugin bug, but swapping models out and doing some troubleshooting I found that the directions that get asserted are not always the same. There’s definitely something to do with the way ue4 interprets skeletal meshes (like maybe they have an internal “forward facing” or something). I tried loading up the mesh and spinning every component that seemed reasonable around an axis, but got no such luck.

I have googled and youtubed, but am having some trouble finding info out about this and what I can do (short of doing vector math to change left to forward and whatnot, something that seems error prone if you have external forces interacting on objects. I made a video showing the details in case it wasn’t clear:

Any ideas?