Kinematic physics make object invisible

Hi there,

I have a physics asset of a truck and I want to define the collisions in order to Apply the Wheeled vehicle BP to it.

The 4 front wheels are going to be the ones animated by the blueprint so they have to be in kinematic mode (physics type). When I run “Simulate” in the physics tab editor, the Wheel are diseappering.

The collisions (multi convex hull for the front and spheres set to kinematic for the wheels) :

When I run “Simulate” :


Check this

if it doesnt help, can you post skeleton with marked wheel bones? (+physicsasset)


Thanks for your help. I discovered that when I imported my .fbx file, if I went to the physics asset, ue4 didn’t already created separate collisions shapes for the wheels as it didn’t seem to recognize that the wheels where connected to them.

Anyway, I watched the tutorial mentionned in the post you send me (Blender to UE4 Vehicle Workflow - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube) and I applied rotation and scale on the armature from Blender and carefully placed the origin of the armature to the origin of the root bone.

Now it’s working fine, thanks for the help!


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