"kinematic body with CCD" log spam

From time to time I have to turn off physics on every physics driven actor in the level. When I do that the log gets filled with lines like this (often accompanied by a short pause):

LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: f:\physx_integrations\partners\nvidia\ue4-physics\engine\source\thirdparty\physx\physx-3.3\source\physx\src\NpRigidBodyTemplate.h (437) 4 : RigidBody::setRigidBodyFlag: kinematic bodies with CCD enabled are not supported! CCD will be ignored.

I thought that I better disable CCD before turning off physics but blueprints seem to have no access to that property. Would it be possible to suppress this warning or better yet have BP access to CCD? The latter would allow me to optimize a bit and only turn on the feature when I know the actor is traveling fast.

Bump. Seems like a bug that a CCD-enabled actor can’t just have physics switched off without getting all these warnings.

Same here!

I’ve never seen these errors before.
Maybe they changed something in 4.10?

this bug bricked my game… still looking for a workaround

Also getting this.

I can confirm I also get this in 4.11. It doesn’t break anything but makes analyzing the logs pretty annoying. Any news on this?

At first it was a just nuisance. Now i cannot compile anymore. I believe those two are related.

Yeah, this is spamming up my log as well. Any fix yet?