Kinect v2 sensor + Brekel Pro software

hello, i’m planing to purchase a kinnect v2 and the brekel mocap software, anyone here has experience with it ? it’s worth the money ? how easy is the workflow ? taking in mind that i’m 100% a programmer and my knowledge in 3d software is minimal

thanks in advace for all your information.

Hi, can you expand on what you want to use it for? Is it general animations, or facial/lip synch animations, or something else entirely?

i’m thinking in general animations

It should work fine for basic animations. If you’re not an animator though it’s still going to be a challenge to create your animations even starting with mocap data.

thanks for the info darthviper107, is there a way to rig/animate character more friendly for non modelers and animators ? has an automatic rigging option–you upload your character model and mark some points and it’ll skin a rig to it that you can then import into your 3D program, they also have animations you can use. It generally does a better job skinning the mesh then what I’m capable of.

thank you darthviper107!