Kinect Test

I wrote some code to connect up my Kinect 2.0 to a skeleton in UE4. It’s tracking spine, legs and arms. I’d unfortunately turned off hands, feet and head for debugging and forgot to turn them back on before making the video! It’s raw data from the sensor so it’s a bit noisy at times, but tracks pretty well.


Twitter: @alasdaircoull

I think your youtube link is broken.

yep it goes to my videos lol :smiley:

Link to the video here

Oops, must have been tired, cut and paste error on the link, thanks for pointing it out. Thanks @Syneshasia for putting up the right link! I’ll fix the original post now.

That is really cool!!

Are you writing a plugin or modifying the engine source?
Looking great so far.

At the moment it’s two C++ classes and a blueprint. One class which exposes access to the Kinect and an Actor derived class which maps that into a UE4 skeleton data format. I then have a Class blueprint based on that Actor class, which I’ve added my skeleton mesh asset to and every tick the blueprint calls into my Actor class to extract and map the data from the Kinect onto the skeleton to update the joint orientations. It’s still very much a prototype, I’ll tidy it up more and make it robust when I get some time.

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