Kinect Depth Data

What I am looking for is some way to get Kinect 2.0 depth data into unreal, clamp the values (to track only objects at a certain depth), and use it for awesome UNREAL things.

The setup is going to be a Kinect 2.0 sensor mounted up above while people walking under it. My goal is to track people (not skeletons, just a blob/single point of information), then use that information for my needs.

Has anyone done this, or know of a commercial solution that has this? If unreal supported c# I could do this easily, but the lack of knowledge (or lack of motivation to even look at it, thank you Borland c++ for destroying my c++ interest) in c++ has me asking.

There are two plugins for kinect v2 for unreal available. both gives you the depth data as an image via blueprint.

K4U plugin : ( it will return the normalized depth as a texture )
kinect 4 windows v2.0 plugin : ( it will return the raw depth as a texture )