Kinect 4 Windows v2.0 Plugin

**Important! Read First! **

Hello all!

So the moment I found out that UE4 is out and went over the code I knew that the potential for serious Kinect game is amazing!
Fortunately I participate in the developer preview program for the windows version of the Xbox One Kinect :smiley:
So I started hacking at it!

For now I was able to hook into the input device system and open a connection to the sensor from inside the UE.






Editor Project


Fully functional

**Work in progress
Does not function

Upcoming update:

**1) No more custom engine build!
The plugin framework is now based on IInputDeviceModule that means that it is now a true plugin. **

2) One editor to rule them all!
From the next update if you want Kinect in your game you don’t need to go into C++ at all!
That means that no more recompiling and overriding functions all you’ll need to receive Kinect events is to add kinect listener inrerface to any blueprint you want and you will get instantly a Kinect event in that blueprint!

3) If the kinect can recognize track hand states why can’t I see it on my model?
Well the update will include an animation node adding the ability to blend animations with the kinect controlled avatar!
So now if you close or open your hand the model will too!

**4) Who said that if you stand in one spot in your room you should stay in the same place in game?
The update will include body joystick! Want to go back and forward just lean forward or back! If you want to strafe just lean to the sides!
And if you want to turn? No problem! Use your shoulders as a steering wheel! **


Added color,depth and infrared stream interfaces

Latest update

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Nice, I hope that with the source code being available that Kinect will be able to have a high level of integration.

Hopeing for the ability to use Kinect 2.0 + Oculus Rift

That was pretty quick work! I too am part of the Kinect V2 preview program and am also using the Kinect for use with the Oculus rift. I’ve had great results in Unity, but it looks like it’s time to port to Unreal.

Can you tell me the steps you too to get access to the device from within Unreal Engine (or maybe have any sample code)? I’ve got some ideas (maybe a plugin), but I’m not sure where to start.

I’m setting up a github repo I’ll share my code there.

This is relevant to my interests.

Thank you.

If only I had a Kinect2 for Windows…

I am implementing it with the option of easy addition of other NUI sensors.

I expect to get my Kinect 2 sensor soon, and will be very interested in the integration so keep us posted please :slight_smile:

Ok, some progress reports :slight_smile:

I have decided to go around the input system and add my own due to the limitations of the input system.
Also it took me a while but I finally figured out how the threading system works and hopefully the data pooling from the sensor would be in it’s own thread.

Hey, thanks for posting your work so far with the Kinect plugin. It’s been a great help.

I am also looking at how the threading works now, do you have any samples/advice on how to get the sensor polling running in it’s own thread?

I am actually looking into it as we speak.
Trying to figure out why the heck the thread I opened doesn’t die on shutdown

Fantastic, keeps us informed :slight_smile:


Big update!

I am almost done! The only thing that is left is to write the dispatcher system.

Hopefully It will be ready in the next few days! :smiley:

Big like on that :slight_smile:

want a bigger like?
About a minute ago I got it to work :smiley:

Managed to automatically initiate the sensor in it’s own thread.
Build event dispatching system that is automatically manages listeners.
And the most important thing is that a game character is actually receives body tracking data.

the code is still really dirty but if you want I can share it :smiley:

News is supposedly the Windows version of Kinect 2.0 isn’t far from being released.

I’d love to play around with it, but have to wait 2 more weeks for my Kinect 2 kit :frowning: The UK went out of stock immediately, and I wasnt quick enough.

well I am from Israel and I had to get my sensor from the US

I’ve just moved over from Unity and was going to look at adding Kinect v2 support. Looks like you’re making great progress. Would love to see skeletal tracking :slight_smile:

I hope I’ll make some progress towards skeletal tracking in the next few days


How goes your progress? I should be getting my Kinect kit next week and looking forward to playing with it in UE4 :slight_smile: