Kinect 4 Unreal bluprint

i am looking for blueprint that would spawn an actor on screen using the depth sensor on the Kinect 2, the camera/player isn’t shown on screen just, ill be adding it to a larger project when done. when a person pushes past a threshold an object is spawned on screen, object spawned on screen can be just an orb, this would be the module used i think
thanks in advance.

simple sketch of what i meanpostit.gif

So it’s spawned where ever they pass the threshold at in, say, a jab? And would this be on a 2D plane, or in 3D space?

i have a 3d space built but the camera would be fixed for this element of it, so 2d effectively, and the actor would only be there for as long as they are past the threshold.

Alright, sounds pretty straightforward. Safe to say if they move around you’d want the orb to follow the movement, right? Well I’d possibly be interested in doing this for you, so if you like, contact me on Skype (or indeed PMs) and we can hammer out the finer details. I’m the same name over there as well, korkuveren.


I have been working with several installation for kinect 1 and 2 which one was with ue4.
I can do this for you, but I give you a general suggestion : try your best not to use because it cannot be packed as a package and you cannot ship your application.

Anyhow give me a pm if you are interested