Kinda new to kismet send help!!!

Ok some I’m kind off new to kismet and I don’t know some basic stuff, I have this problem [0011.74] Warning: Obj AIController_0 has no handler for SeqAct_MakeAnNPCTalk_0, and it pops out the nastiest message ever to be seen in my screen. Any idea on how to destroy such messages thanks.

I think what’s going on is that your AIController class doesn’t know what to do when SeqAct_MakeAnNPCTalk.Activated() runs on it. There are a couple of ways you can deal with that.

  1. Put all of the functionality for making the NPC talk in only SeqAct_MakeAnNPCTalk.Activated. I would recommend this.
  2. Create the function AIController.OnMakeAnNPCTalk(SeqAct_MakeAnNPCTalk inAction) that should get called automatically when SeqAct_MakeAnNPCTalk.Activated runs. This is the path I would recommend if you have a sequence action that can do different things depending on what its targets are.

Hello my friend.

You could also try to simply add a condition to check if the actor whom you are sending this action (the NPC which will talk) is alive before adding this custom node SeqAct_MakeAnNPCTalk

Emmmh ill check it out thanks.